Human Conditions We Treat

Many problems arise among athletes and people who overexert themselves while exercising or who do not properly warm up before beginning an activity. Simple preventative measures can be taken as a means to avoid. injuries

Achilles Tendon

Dr. Ramos will help treat your achilles tendonitis with either conservative treatments including laser, amniotic tissue injections, shockwave or as last resort he may perform surgery.
Ankle Pain
Consult with Dr. Ramos to best determine the cause of your ankle pain and the appropriate treatment. Depending on the severity of your ankle pain and the condition behind it, recovery from ankle pain may take some time.
Ankle Sprain
Ankle sprains can be serious and should be given immediate attention and care, despite not being as severe as a broken ankle. An ankle sprain can lead to a significant amount of pain.
Arthritis can affect every part of your body. But having so many bones and joints in your feet can make them particularly susceptible to osteoarthritis and other types of arthritis.

Chronic Pain

Different things may cause chronic pain. Ramos Podiatry will take the time to determine the root cause of your pain and then give you the best treatment options.